Fall 2013 Poetry


1 Changming Yuan
A Girl Walking Home Blake Lynch
A Storm System the Size of the Jumping Seas Corey Mesler
Atop Schizoid Dirt Mark Vogel
Automatic Rapture Jessica Barksdale
Boyce Mayview Park Blake Lynch
Exsibilation Kevin Brown
Humans & Sciences Free Verse Found Online Changming Yuan
I Want to Die Like… William Miller
It’s Not Just the Cat Jessica Barksdale
Listening to the Book of Dirt John McKernan
Little Huffer’s Lit Cigarette Michelle Matthees
Mustering Storks Kevin Brown
On the Back Porch of Riverside Lodge on the Stamp River  Scott T. Starbuck
On the Ferry Between Port Angeles and Victoria Scott T. Starbuck
Red Wing Richard Garcia
Richard of All Scientific and Mathematical Trades Tim Suermondt
Running Nightly Dan Encarnacion
Talk To Me Corey Mesler
The Only Story I Know Richard Garcia
Twenty-four Hours in Vladivostok Michelle Matthees
Under Pressure Robert S. King
When I Get Back Brad Garber