Spring / Summer 2022

*Featured Image by Lauren Peterson


Drenched  by Emily Fontenot
Girls Night  by Anthony D’Aries
Losing Claire in Pioneer Square  by Kimm Brockett Stammen
Cut Chords  by D.B. Gardner
Noe Valley  by Scott Laughlin
The American Mother  by Tanya Perkins
Just Desserts  by Chris Stuck


Family History   by Luanne Castle
Playground Love  by Paloma Thoen
Otherwise  by Michael Levan
10 Ways to Mother  by Madelaine Gnewski


Imagine a Raw Egg  by Katerina Stoykova
Junk Trees  by Kristen Rembold
Voracious and Vegetarian  by Ivy Raff
Question Mark  by Ann Chadwell Humphries
A Worrier’s Villanelle  by Dustin Brookshire
Slipping the Halters On  by Donna J. Gelagotis Lee
A Faint Ticking  by Roger Pfingston
Perspective  by Allison Thorpe
At The Hourglass Resort  by Daniel Edward Moore
Ode to the haiku  by Ralph Long
Paradox  by Lisa Zimmerman
Nosara  by Kelly DuMar
Open/Close/Open by Marjorie Maddox 
Prolapse: Etymology  by Lisa Allen
Baptism, 1985  by Brad Barkley
Sleeping Apart  by James K. Zimmerman

Book Reviews

Heart Speaks, Is Spoken For   by by Marjorie Maddox
Review by Pamela R. Anderson-Bartholet
Sana by Maria Bolaños
Review by Elsa Valmidiano