Chief Managing Editor: Lisa M. Hase-Jackson received her MFA from Converse University and is author of Flint and Fire (The Word Works). Her poems have appeared most recently in Tipton Poetry Journal and Cimarron Review and have been anthologized in Ice on a Hot Stove (Clemson University Press) and The Strategic Poet (Terrapin Press) She teaches creative writing in Charleston, South Carolina and is Chief Editor for South 85 Journal.

Fiction Editor:  Christine Schott teaches literature and creative writing at Erskine College.  She is Pushcart-nominated author whose work has appeared in the Gettysburg Review, Dappled Things, Casino Literary Magazine, and Wanderlust.  She holds a PhD in medieval literature from the University of Virginia and an MFA in creative writing from Converse University.

Nonfiction Editor: Laura Platas Scott is a Cuban American writer whose work has appeared in Hippocampus Magazine and Zizzle Literary. She holds an MFA in creative writing from Converse University where she teaches English composition. She is a creative writing teaching artist for the Arts Reaching Elementary and Middle School Students (ARMES) program in Greenville, SC, and is a Senior Writer for Story Terrace. She is represented by Melissa Edwards of Stonesong Literary.

Zorina E. Frey | South 85 Journal

Poetry Editor: Zorina Exie Frey is an essayist, screenwriter, and spoken word artist working as a publishing content writer and digital designer. She is a Pushcart nominee whose writings are featured in Glassworks MagazineShondaland, Chicken Soup for the Soul: I’m Speaking Now and Limpwrist Magazine. Zorina also holds an MFA in Poetry and Creative Nonfiction from Converse University.


Poetry Readers: Shanta Brown, Laurel Eshelman, Davelyn Hill, Crystal Tennille Irby, Brittany Kessler, Kelsey Stancliffe, and Erin York

Fiction Readers – Andrew Clark, Natalia Fernandez, Kenzie McGregor,  Madison Miller, Natalie Pall, and Chris Paulino

Nonfiction Readers: Haley Gambrell, Keagan Herring, and Erin York

Review Editor: Keagan Herring has served 20+ years in the United States Coast Guard. She has a BA in English Literature, an MBA in Business Management, and is currently pursuing an MFA at Converse College. She has served as writer and assistant editor for The Post Script (Columbia College) and currently serves as the book review editor for South 85 Journal.


Faculty Mentor: Professor Rick Mulkey is the author of five poetry collections including: Toward Any Darkness, Before the Age of Reason, Bluefield Breakdown, and Greatest Hits: 1994-2004. His latest collection is Ravenous, New & Selected Poems, published by Serving House Press.


Managing Editor: Debby DeRosa

Artistic Director: Courtney McQueen

Nonfiction Editor: Gwen Holt

Poetry Editor: Hanna Marshall