Lines, Dots, Circles – digitally remastered – 9769

Lines, Dots, Circles, Digitally Remastered drawing by Tammy Gilmore


Gilmore Tammy playing the guitarGilmore Tammy has had essays, artwork, interviews and short stories published in Chickfactor, Petrichor Review, Foliate Oak, Turk’s Head Review, Pithead Chapel, Meat for Tea, The Drum, Vine Leaves, Gravel, Sinister Wisdom (cover, winter 2016), and Fish Food Magazine. She wrote songs for three albums under the name The Yips, and she has a record with her current band, Weather Weapon, on bandcamp. In 2002, she received an MFA from Emerson College. Currently her agent is working on finding publication for two novels, one of which is being serialized online at Ohioedit. She was Somerville’s (MA) November 2014 Artist of the Month.

A crop of this painting is located on this issue’s reviews page.