Monsieur Et Madame Dans La Poste

Tommy Trull


before I say anything, I think you should know
we are not alone.  Our seal has been steamed.
Last night I dreamed up a private corner
and whispered the news, the good news and bad.
I woke with a must to send something raw.
I considered a chicken heart.

But our seal has been steamed.  We are not alone,
not just in the world, but in our connection
which has been – shall I say – interrupted.
I woke with a must to send something dead,
and considered a chicken heart
among the things I still possess deep inside me.

Last night I dreamed up a private corner
in an impossible room, one that transfigures space
and probably does something nasty with time.
The room was filled with people, acting normally,
while you and I shared the corner, looking
for all the world like we were being punished.

I have news both good and bad,
your loving –
Tommy Trull is a North Carolina playwright whose works have appeared on stage all over the country. His magic realist drama Honeyboy won the 2009 Charles M. Getchell Award (Southeastern Theatre Conference) and was published in Southern Theatre magazine. His poems have appeared in several online and print journals. He received his MFA in Playwriting from Spalding University, and teaches theatre and writing classes at Greensboro College.