by Kelly DuMar

            After William Carlos Williams

Ripe through un-curtained
window—mango, starfruit

fanned by circle of whirring
scent, coffee beans brewing

un-bright sun before risen
beach chair, red stripes

upright near pool—bath
towel, tossed down

under which—indigo dark—
a scorpion has hidden

Kelly DuMar is a poet, playwright and workshop facilitator from Boston. She’s author of three poetry chapbooks, ‘girl in tree bark’ (Nixes Mate, 2019), ‘Tree of the Apple,’ (Two of Cups Press), and ‘All These Cures,’ (Lit House Press). Her poems, prose and photos are published in many literary journals including Bellevue Literary Review, Tupelo Quarterly, Thrush, and many more. Kelly blogs her daily nature photos & creative writing at