Question Mark

by Ann-Chadwell Humphries

And what of you, Question Mark
half incandescent bulb, shepherd’s hook
stork on one leg? Are you in motion
leaping from a balanced ball

stringing an onyx bead, or a doll’s eye
falling from your profile?
And do you always wear black
or slither in red satin after hours

or wear jeans on weekends?
And what are you telling or asking of me
you Question, you chameleon
noun-verb hybrid assured in your binary world?

Ann-Chadwell Humphries lives and writes in Columbia, SC. Muddy Ford Press selected Humphries as the second in their Laureate series to publish her first collection, An Eclipse and A Butcher. Prairie Schooner profiled Humphries, and Museum of Americana, Kaleidoscope, Poetry Society of South Carolina, Emrys, Jasper, and Fall Lines published her work. As a twice poetry fellowship finalist, Humphries was a featured poet at Pat Conroy Literary Festival. Humphries reads and writes using assistive technology.