Staff Update 2017

Our Reading Period Begins Today!

South 85 Journal‘s staff is gearing up for our next issue, Fall / Winter 2017, which we will release on December 15, 2017.  Usually, we open our reading period for the Fall / Winter issue on September 1, but we are trying an earlier schedule this time.  We are accepting submissions starting today!  As our journal grows in popularity,the number of submissions grows, and we feel a modified schedule will allow us to give each submission the attention it deserves.

Go to our Submittable page to submit today through November 1.

Since our reading period is now open, we would like to announce who will be working on the upcoming issue.

Returning to Staff

Thank you to the following staff members for continuing their involvement with South 85 Journal:

● Melissa Sherrer (Managing Poetry Editor)
● Anthony Reese (Managing Prose Editor)
● Aaron Dargis, Russell Jackson, Reed McFarlin, and Chris Menezes (Poetry Editors)
● Shianna Whitner (Fiction Editor)
● Courtney McQueen (Artistic Director and Poetry Editor)
● Jonathan Burgess and Samantha Moe (Non-Fiction Editors)
● John Newlin (Review Editor)
● Stephen Gray (Webmaster)

Joining Our Staff

We are always excited to welcome new staff to the journal because this means new ideas and fresh perspectives.  We would like to welcome:

● Zoraida Pastor (Poetry Editor)
● Ashley Sfeir (Fiction Editor)
● Sarah Gray (Contributing Editor)

Of course, Sarah Gray isn’t really a new staff member.  She is the founding Editor-in-Chief of South 85 Journal! With Rick Mulkey on sabbatical, she is serving as the Associate Director of Converse College’s Low-Residency MFA Program and our Contributing Editor.  You can read more about her position in a past blog post.  We are excited to have her back, and we look forward to her fresh ideas as well as her wisdom and experience.

Leaving Staff

We’d like to wish those staff members who aren’t returning the best in their future endeavors. I am sure they will be successful in whatever they do.

● Monica Torres (Non-Fiction Editor in 2015 and Poetry Editor since 2016)
● Gwen Holt (Fiction Editor since 2016)
● Susanne Parker (Fiction Editor for the Spring / Summer 2017 issue)

Now that you have all the updates, thank you for continuing to support our journal – by reading, submitting, and telling others about it.  We look forward to bringing you the next issue.  In the meantime, write like mad, and if it’s good, we want to see it!

Debby DeRosa
Managing Editor
South 85 Journal

Featured Image Credit: Photo by Mari Helin-Tuominen on Unsplash