The Tree

"The Tree" photograph by Richard Corso


Richard CorsoRichard Corso is an amateur photographer, and he spends as much of his spare time as possible photographing anything that finds its way in front of his lens. He is most interested in landscape and wildlife photography. He publishes his photos under the name W2 Photography, which comes from his two daughters’ names, Willow and Wren. His daughters help inspire him every day with their creative outlook on life, which they get from their mother, Kelly.

He says, “For me, photography is a way to express myself and explore parts of the world that have been overlooked or forgotten. It’s a chance to capture what others have chosen not to see or have been too busy to notice, to step outside of myself, and to express myself. It opens new doors and most importantly, tells new stories.”

A crop of this photo is located on this issue’s poetry page.